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November 14, 2014

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Amorada Tequila Now Available in Central Texas

CEDAR PARK, Texas – Amorada Tequila, located in Cedar Park, Texas is proud to announce that its ultra-premium tequila is now available at several Austin-area locations.

Every bottle passionately produced by Amorada Tequila has to be hand-blown, hand-capped, hand labeled and sand blasted by hand, with our logo, to deliver the most unique Tequila experience outside of Mexico. For this reason, no two bottles will ever be identical. The bottle is so unique it has been granted a U.S. patent for its design.

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Our process begins in the fields of Blue Weber Agave plants that have been fully matured for seven years. Our sophisticated taste profile then emerges from the aging of our tequila in a variety of European oak barrels which include that of wine, cognac, and more, resulting in a complex, yet pure, end-result without any additives or artificial flavorings.

Amorada bottles are also capped with virgin synthetic cork to preserve the essence of our tequila, disallowing any impurities to enter or oxidation to occur. We’ve created Blanco, which is housed in a blue bottle, while the Reposado comes in an Amber colored bottle. The Anejo, housed in a Red bottle, will be available early next year. The top-shelf Extra Anejo will also soon be available in an exquisite black Crystal bottle, enhancing the total experience.

While the lines of each bottle embody exotic elegance, the content captured within exhibits passion and sensuality. “I might not be the most interesting woman, but my tequila sure is!,” Amorada Tequila Founder Terray Glasman said.

“Amorada is inspired by the integrity of traditional, age-old methods in Jalisco, Mexico for creating a world class tequila with a smooth, natural taste,” Glasman said. “Our desire is to bring ultra-premium tequila to people from all walks of life.”

Although each of the four distinct varieties has its own unique personality, they all exhibit the same rich, smooth qualities of the original blend.

Amorada Tequila is currently available at several locations throughout Central Texas. Visit our website as new locations are updated regularly.

Our tequila is handcrafted with love and heart-crafted with passion, that reflects in the quality of our product. We welcome you to indulge and treat your senses! “The Essence of passion…Put some passion in YOUR Life”TM